On Seeing, A Journal. #428

Underwater Sightings, Discoveries and Unearthings

April 20, 2021


A year has passed. I have not made a single photograph underwater after having made too many to count in close to 30 years, many of which were published in five books of underwater imagery:

  1. H2O
  2. Pool Light
  3. Water Dance
  4. The Princess
  5. Body Type

What might I have missed in my initial edits?  In search of underwater photo-shoots from the past, I found images I felt were worth revisiting and reworking.

A few “new” finds:
Alison Clancy, an extraordinary performer.
From an underwater fashion shoot for Marie Claire Magazine.
This beautiful model, Lolita Lovova, from Kazakstan (one of the world’s largest landlocked countries), was amazingly at one in the water—like a dream.
(Stylist, Nikko Kefalas; makeup artist, Alberto Luengo; hair stylist, Danielle Cirilli)
And, from the same shoot, the model Kristina Vilimayte, from Lithuania
A rather quiet moment, having her make-up “fixed”, at an underwater beauty shoot with one of my favorite and most talented models, Shawnee Free Jones.
The make-up artist (Alberto Luengo) positioned himself at the side of the pool and was ready to “touch-up” make-up that was disturbed by the water.
And then, Shawnee goes to work!
From an underwater shoot for the Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The bathing suit was discarded here.
Model: Mallory Snyder; Makeup: Jorge Serio; Hair: Richard Keogh
I worked for four years with athletes from dozens of sports for my book, Athlete.
Six of the members of the US Olympic synchronized swim team (Tamara Crow Erin Dobratz, Becky Jasontek, Anna Kozlova, Lauren McFall, and Kendra Zanotto) came to the pool.
A few new “finds.”:
Kristina, Lum Underwood
Also, from the “ATHLETE” project:
Waterboard Champion, Dallas Friday
Alexandra Beller danced professionally with the Bill T. Jones company and is now a dance instructor/coach.
The brilliant dancers Amar Ramasar and Elysia Fridkin
There were many images from this shoot I had “overlooked.”
This image was made during an underwater shoot for a company which specializes in maternity wear.  On revisiting this shoot I worked to create an image that was new and surprising for me.
Can you figure this one out?
Answer below…
And finally, one more of Shawnee, sitting on the pool floor.
A large red beach ball floats on the water.
I am underwater, photographing up.
The large part of the ball that is out of the water,
is seen refracted through the water’s uneven surface.
The small section of the ball underwater is seen
clearly, not distorted.