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REVIEWS (from Amazon.com)

“At The Fights,” Howard Schatz’s spectacular photographic study of the sport of boxing, is not only visually brilliant, but is the definitive photographic anthology on the sport of kings. Howard photographs with the artistry that only he possesses, an artistry derived from expertise in both the camera and the human eye. “At The Fights” features scores and scores of boxing stars, business people and characters. It captures the sport’s poetry, drama, blood, guts, and unforgiving nature. It takes more than just an artist and a fan to accomplish this; it takes years of exposure, experience and understanding from truly delving into the heart, soul and psyche of the fighter and the boxing profession.

Lou DiBella, Boxing Promoter

DiBella Entertainment

Howard Schatz’s, “At The Fights” is a very well done book which bring all the players in boxing, the fighters, promoters, referees, writers, physicians and of course the judges into your home in one huge outstanding beautifully photographed compendium. It gave me the opportunity to identify with everyone from Puerto Rico’s Ivan Calderone to New York State Athletic Commission Physician Gerard Varlotta, all shot by Howard Schatz as you have never seen them before. From Vic Darchinyans left hook to Juan Manuel Lopez’s right uppercut, you will learn the beauty that is boxing, done as noone else could shoot it. Howard Schatz just about brings boxing to life in his masterful work of great photography. All boxing fans must have a copy of, “At The Fights”.

Harold Lederman, HBO Sports

No one can deny that Howard Schatz is one of the finest photographers in the world today. In At the Fights, Schatz has not only demonstrates the sheer beauty of the athletes that give their life’s blood to their craft, but he has also told a story seldom explored. This is a tale filled with heroism, pain, desperation, bravery, success and failure. For those that love boxing, this book carries immense pictorial significance that touches the heart of every fan. For others who are simply photography connoisseurs, this book stands on its own as pure artistic genius.

Margaret Goodman MD

Former Nevada State Athletic Commission Chief Physician and Medical Advisory Board Chairman

Voluntary Anti-Doping Association President

You don’t need to be a boxing follower to enjoy this book immensely, although undoubtedly it offers something fresh for the die-hard fan. Howard Schatz’s photography is already much acclaimed, and has made many a previous impressive book, but in At The Fights it goes to another level. He brings together his known technical and creative abilities, and adds a stronger human dimension as the images are not just impactful individually, they work together to build a moving sense of what the sport is about. It’s graceful, poetic, precise, scientific… as well as violent. There’s an amorality perhaps in seeing it that way, or perhaps it leaves it to the viewer to construct possible alternative interpretations. It is certainly a book that you can enjoy returning to on many occasions over the years, I suspect, although early days to judge. As a production the overall quality and value really impresses, too. Check out the super gatefold!

Lewis Blackwell

Former creative head of Getty Images

Former editor-in-chief Creative Review Magazine

This is a work of genius.Howard Schatz’s photography has always astonished me, as each book grabs the blue ribbon from the one before it. In his enormous career, he has pursued two distinct genres of photography books: the big blockbusters, where he latches onto subjects so vast that the very thought of tackling them would cause anxiety in most photographers …. and his modest “boutique” books, in which he explores a rarer subject (such as the knotted contortions of a human body, the rich cyan of periwinkle flowers, the dazzling carotene of redheads, and so on). If the modest books are something of a soft mist, then the blockbusters are the full kahuna, the most daring and ambitious of projects. His recent book, AT THE FIGHTS (published by Sports Illustrated) is a huge expedition into the world of boxing. It is a powerhouse book, bulging with testosterone between the front & back covers, pushing to be seen & heard & felt on every visceral level. Not only do we meet the key players inside & outside the ring, but also we savor their private thoughts, their greatest ambitions and fears, as they partake in a world that many feel has been eclipsed by MMA, the UFC, etc. Truth is: the UFC and MMA could never have come about without the thrilling world of boxing…. and boxing will never be eclipsed, ever. The martial arts of Aikido and Jiu Jitsu and Shurei Goju Ryu are modern inventions in comparison to this millenia-old “sport” of boxing. It goes way back to the ancient Greeks, as early (we think) as 688 B.C., when it was “performed” as part of the early Olympic Games. It has been called “the manly sport” that relies solely on the use of a fighter’s hands, not his elbows or legs or feet. Often referred to as pugilism or the “sweet science,” boxing has had fans both crude and sophisticated, wealthy and penniless, with millions and millions of them spread across every age, culture, geography, and competitive arena. People have won and lost fortunes on the sport, while others have taken pleasure in watching it on television or catching the excitement in local bars, as crowds guzzle beer and scream at the wide-screen monitors. The point is: Boxing is part of WORLD CULTURE; it is not an American or Russian or French sport. It belongs to us all, and therein lies its popularity: It is, atavistically, the most human of sports. One on one, man to man, and (more recently) woman to woman, it’s all here in AT THE FIGHTS. When watching a boxer smash his opponent with a right hook or a left jab or a furious combo of cross punches and upper cuts, we can feel our adrenaline rise with that of the fighters. Want to enjoy this carnivorous melee from front-row seats? Then jump into AT THE FIGHTS and smell the sweat, dodge the blood, overhear the trash-talk between the fighters that’s never heard on TV but that’s part of their strategy. This book is Popeye’s can of spinach: Open it up, swallow a handful of it, and enjoy the romp through AT THE FIGHTS. After indulging in this gorgeous medley, you’ll never view boxing the same again. You’ll feel rhythms and pulses that you never knew existed in this seemingly brutal free-for-all of muscle & strength. Who knew that the world of boxing is actually a romance that enamors us for life and keeps us on our toes, anxious for the next match? As an Amazon power reviewer, I take pleasure in leading you to this unforgettable treasure—a splendid gift, but also (let’s be frank) a gem you’d rather hoard than part with any time soon.

John Campbell, Literary Agent, John Campbell Agency

From beginning to end, Howard captures the world of boxing as never seen before. Each photograph is amazingly detailed. He captures every muscle, the determination in each fighter’s eye, and the sheer glory of our sometimes misunderstood sport. He covers all weight classes, fighters past and present, and introduces the world to the players in boxing. Their words are straight from the heart. Physcians, promoters, referees, and of course judges all expressing what it is that keeps them addicted to this sport like a drug. You feel like you are part of the game, in the ring, following each punch to see if it lands. A must have for all boxing fans. A true work of art.

Julie Lederman, Professional Boxing Judge

Howard does it again but this time better. i did not think it was possible to top his other books but he did. each image must be studied and you must ask yourself how did he do it. the studio images are his best ever.howard calls his studio “the laboratory”. he certainly reinvented portraiture with this book. i collect sports photography books and this is by far the best. everyone needs to view this work of art, not just boxing fans

Neil Abramson

What a fascinating book. From the first pages of the forward to the end of the artist’s notes, At The Fights gives a panoramic view of the world of boxing, including the perspectives of the promoters, trainers, ringside physicians and of course, the athletes themselves. The book brilliantly captures the punishing physical conditioning, the emotional isolation and iron-willed determination to enter a high-level boxing match. There is tremendous attention to detail in every photograph, and every photograph is interesting and beautiful. I wasn’t a boxing fan before I read the book, but I left with a deep respect for the boxers and their sport. This is a work of genius.

Donald Park, MD

AT THE FIGHTS is big and bold. A must for any sports fan. AT THE FIGHTS is both a sports book and a work of art.Schatz is a perfectionist and it shows.

Julian K.

For those who have been following Schatz’s career, it has been obvious for a long time that he is a great photographer no matter what theme he undertakes to photograph. I was very impressed with his first work dealing with the sports world in his book ATHLETE. However, when I received my copy AT THE FIGHTS, I was mesmerized by the photographs and could feel the passion seen on the faces of the boxers. Being a physician who has been involved with professional athletes for over thirty years, I found the commentary accompanying the photographs to be most interesting. Especially the comments of the physicians who have the responsibility of trying to ensure the safety of these incredible athletes. Without question, this landmark work establishes Howard Schatz as one of the greatest sports photographers of all time. I can’t wait for the next masterpiece.

David H. Orth MD

I just finished reading this amazing book! The photos are unbelievable. Great coffee table book. Howard Schatz is a genius!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lora K. Nasby

Howard Schatz is a reknowned photographer of athletes of all kinds. I’ve enjoyed all of his books, but this may be his best to date. He captures the culture of boxing like no own else before. The eight-page center foldout is amazing, displaying the spectrum of body habitus and personalities involved in boxing — from bantamweights to heavyweights. Ali and Frazier come to life again. Schatz has earned a PhD in “boxing-ology” and shared it all with us in the most innovative and creative way possible. Like boxing itself, the book is a true work of art.

Dan Goodman, MD