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"What boggling, spirited pictures could be made on Earth were that gravity-free environment available? Howard Schatz has answered that question with a lavish color folio of grace, movement, style, and form."

- Boston Globe

"Extending and exploring and pushing movement to the very edge of possibilities without ever losing the natural beauty of the human form is characteristic of Schatz work."

- Dance Magazine

"Luminous, languid, and dreamy."

- Life

This fourth book of photographs by Howard Schatz, broke new ground in the world of photography. This unique collection of images, all made under water, captures the magic of weightlessness and the beauty of dance. In this volume dancers, primarily from the world of classical ballet, fly, unencumbered by the effects of gravity, able to bring their ineffable beauty to this ethereal medium. This remarkable combination of light, color, design and composition celebrates the beauty of the human body, the power of movement, the grace of line, and the expressiveness of dance.

WaterDance was the first monograph published by Graphis.

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