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"H2O exemplifies a master artisan working at the height of his powers. Howard Schatz showcases once again his unparalleled genius in capturing the elegance of the human form… It's one of those rare publications that literally transport the viewer into another realm; a dreamworld where beautiful, swanlike models float like angels in a surreal water ballet. Where reality is twisted into some sort of magical, impressionistic state of being. Refracted light, color, even the airy magnificence of water bubbles all go into engineering each impossibly delicate image."

- Amazon.com

"Schatz’s underwater photographs..explore the romantic, liberating qualities of being in an otherworldly environment…capturing the dreamlike freedom, the weightless joy."

- The New York Times

"H2O is a stunning underwater monograph…Schatz realizes his aquatic vision with an almost scientific methodology, proving once agsin that art and science have much in common, especially when the art is photography."

- American Photo

"Given the quality of his work, the number of books he has published and the high profile he has achieved, Howard Schatz is the epitome of a modern master…Perhaps what’s most amazing about Schatz isn’t his skill with a genre like underwater photography, but the fact that it’s only one fact of his vast talent."

- Digital Photo Pro

In H2O, water figures into an artistic equation that allows it to become the partner to Schatz’s subjects. Ripples bend light, scrims of bubbles surround swimmers, and undulating reflections are cast down from the mirrored “ceiling”of the pool surface, enabling Schatz to create two pictures in one-a realistic image
and its more figurative, fantastical opposite. The result is an impressionistic interplay of self and mirror, light and shadow, suspension and motion. The photographs in H2O were made primarily as Schatz’s personal artistic endeavor but were also inspired by assignments from Cirque du Soleil, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and a range of corporate clients. An introduction and running narrative by noted photography writer Owen Edwards chart the evolution of Schatz’s technique and artistic vision.

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