On Seeing, A Journal. #449

The SHAPE of the NFL

September 21, 2021


The SHAPE of the NFL

Access is everything for a photographer who wants to photograph people.  I have been working on a project with NFL players and have found the availability of elite, professional, usually very well compensated professionals often non-existent. We have employed an experienced, hard-working and tenacious producer/booker, Alex Darcey, to identify and communicate with NFL players. It is tough work often taking dozens of missives (calls, messages, emails, letters, etc) to succeed in getting a player come to the studio to participate in the project..

To enhance our efforts we have prepared a “presentation,” a sort of an informative brochure that will hopefully lure some great players to the project.

Have a look, and let us know what you think.













Please let me know your thoughts.


NFL players: If you are interested in participating, please email ALEX DARCEY at:

[email protected]