On Seeing, A Journal. #297

April 9th, 2019


The images in this weeks’ “Journal” were made as part of my project “Heavy,” about which I wrote last week.

Art Historians and critics are capable (oftentimes) of understanding, interpreting and commenting on virtually any piece of art. They may or may not get it right, but they are at the ready with opinions and insights. Whereas the creator of an art work may have nothing more to say than, “This is it,” or “It speaks for itself.”

When attempting to create something illuminating and unique (always worthy goals, if very hard to attain), an artist explores deep within, utilizing subconscious and emotional forces that inform imagination and may well circumvent logical. intellectual thought processes. For me, logic often gets in the way of uncovering the mysterious and magical elements required to develop truly original ideas. I often fight with inner forces that implore propriety, safety, popularity, accolades. I do all I can to fend off those strictures in order to find inspiration and invention. Thinking “out of the box” while keeping outside influences at bay is paramount, and very, very difficult.

The images in this post come from deep within.  I thought long and hard about how to execute them and how to direct the model to perform to fit my vision. Why did I do them? I did them because I had to. I did not think about why.

As for my subject, she works as an artists’ model for a living. What I asked of her was complete, un-selfconscious freedom; all she asked of me was my respect and sincere appreciation (as well, — of course — as the agreed-upon established compensation).