On Seeing, A Journal. #440


June 29, 2021



KINKPhotographs created at an outdoor studio at many, many San Francisco Folsom Street Fairs.


My most recently published book is called KINK. The publisher has informed us that there are a few copies remaining. KINK.


A few reviews:

From OUT Magazine, March 2018:


Review from COSMO online.

And, a review from Bob Guccione, Jr. of  Wunderlust Magazine


A few images from the book:

Miranda Stevens (she called herself “Miss Piggy”)


“Squeak and Bubble”


Joshua Strommer


Yusypchuk and Brusco


Dawn Reed (“Holy McGrail”)


JG Leathers


Boyd and Lizzie


David Faulk


Raven Nevamore and Sister Shelby Hellbound


Audrey Angel


Latchford and Keller


Dragion and Mako


Natalie Watters  “Snow White.”


The book contains 100 images culled from over 5000 portrait sessions. Many of the portraits are accompanied by reflections written by the participants about their personal preferences and the way that those preferences fit into the broader scope of their lives.

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For those who have expressed interest:
These fine art photography galleries represent my work.