On Seeing, A Journal. #460

Fantastical Aspirations

January 5, 2022


Fact is seen, read, felt, heard;  reality is nonfiction.
That which is imagined, has not previously existed, has not “been”, can not be seen, felt, heard, is not, is fiction.

Creativity, the engine of fiction; and the imagining that results from it is original, usually unique and not previously known to the world. It hasn’t “been.” I know that Descartes and others as well as neuroscientists (who can image through MRI and specifically locate the neural activity of thought and imagination) might argue otherwise. So, please, go along with my thinking on this, for now.

The images in this project began as fiction in my mind’s eye; but you see them here because I have made them, and as such they became nonfiction. For now they are restricted to the world over which I have control: correspondence, social media, my web site, the walls of my abode, these missives.


Installation, 264. Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Body Knots, #189.


Installation, 227. Guggenheim, NYC; Beauty Study, 1528. Maude LeFort.


Installation, 263. National Gallery of Art West Bldg; Washington D.C. Diptychs 001, Calla Lilly, 10. and Underwater Study #2310, Alexandra Yatsenko.


Installation, 240. Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC; Beauty Study #1272, Caitlin Mundth.


Installation, 262. National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.; Human Body Study, #1138, Kameron.