ON SEEING, A Journal. #479

Creative Possibilities

May 17, 2022


After conducting a casting for my on-going project, “Portraits of Models,” I had asked one of the models, Ariana Corrao, a “Plus” model who came to the casting, if she would return for a “human body” photo shoot that had to do with the beauty of biologic sculpture (i.e. without clothing).

The images we made loaned themselves to a wide range of creative possibilities.

I am fully aware that when one does a “study” of images of a particular subject that it is common to follow one single creative thread and investigate and examine within that range.
A “consistent” series of images that are related, as “siblings” or at least first cousins, is the norm.

I have a passionate desire to explore without such “rules,” unconcerned about failure, which occurs a great deal, for the sake of the visual treasure hunt that just might yield, for me, surprise and delight.

The images I created in the days and weeks following the initial photographic “capture” were revelatory for me.

Herein, a number of images of the same model using the same lighting then rendered dissimilarly for the sake of creative exploration and discovery.





I wish to thank this lovely model; she contributed graciously.

All artists know that imagination is limitless, that “Creativity has No Bounds.”