Elizabeth Gaither and Sean Stewart (American Ballet Theater)


On Seeing, A Journal. #448

Calling for PAIRS

September 14, 2021


Calling  for  PAIRS


DANCERS!  Find a partner, come work with me.

I have been creating images of pairs of dancers for as long as I’ve been making photographs.

This image of the ballet stars Katita Waldo and Yuri Possokhov was made in San Francisco almost 30 years ago.

The other images included in this journal have been created since, over the years.


Wally Cardona and Kimberly Bartosik. (This is the cover image of my book on the human body, NudeBodyNude.)


Richard Siegal and Valerie Vann


Vikkia Lambert & Yuri Sands, (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater)


Sarah Nachbauer and Jonathan Eden.


Lenna Parr and Ron Todorowski.


Andrew Asnes & Rachel Berman (Paul Taylor).


Rachel Berman & Karen Hellman (Paul Taylor)


Holly Cruikshank and Julio Agustin, (Broadway Dancers).


Dwana Smallwood and Matthew Rushing, (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater)



I have begun making new images,  and am particularly interested in restarting my explorations of creating photographs of PAIRS.

So, DANCERS!  If you are in or near NYC, please send me an email if you’re interested in participating in this adventure. howardschatz@howardschatz.com