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Body Knots

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"Schatz' "Body Knots" twists the human form into tangles of vibrantly hued, limber bodies... Guaranteed to burn up the coffee table."

- The New York Times

"This is a visual stunner. The images are extremely captivating, wonderfully provocative and fascinating. Schatz is at the top of his form, exquisitely talented. His explorations of the human form are at once powerful, evocative, whimisical and delicate. The range of emotive power he elicits from is models spans timeless elegance to hilariously convoluted contortions. Some of the most unique photographs you’ll ever see…the results are breathtaking."

- Photo Insider

Body Knots celebrates the human body by transforming it into something larger than life. The bodies assume a wild variety of forms: creative compositions, biologic sculpture, and dazzling design. Sometimes witty, sometimes glamourous and sometimes strange, the images are always captivating, beautiful, compelling and fun. In this book, the human body is twisted and turned into shapes and contortions one would not have dreamed possible.

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