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"Nineteen collections into a storied career as the man with the golden lens who makes fighters famous, Howard Schatz’s latest offering is a heavyweight champ (literally — the 240-page book weighs a ton). He climbs in the ring with legends (Ali, Tyson, Leonard) and comers (Rios, Malignaggi, Kirkland), managers and promoters, announcers and refs and docs and others buzzing ’round the circled square; spars with men who don’t play; and returns with photos that remind you boxing can be as beautiful as it is brutal. Oh, right — this is what we used to love about it."


"Vivid revelation, with a punch"

- Chicago Tribune

"…a one-two punch that anyone with the slightest interest in photography or the sport of boxing should be thrilled to find in his or her stocking."

- Fortune Magazine

"Howard Schatz is the kind of multi-faceted photographer and artist who has grabbed hold of the human body in all its aspects."

- Huffington Post, France

"Photographer Howard Schatz has turned thuggish fighters into the subjects of extraordinary portraits showing the beautiful side of pugilism."

- Daily Mail, London

"Striking portraits and ringside action shots."

- Parade Magazine

"This book is a heavyweight in all definitions…full of stunning photographs of fighters and thosed connected to the fight game."

AT THE FIGHTS: Inside the World of Professional Boxing
by Howard Schatz
Introduction by Jim Lampley
It’s no wonder that photographer Howard Schatz, trained as an ophthalmologist, has an unwavering eye for the human form. Well known for his series of improvisional portraits of actors for Vanity Fair, the acclaimed photographer now takes on the ultimate theatre of sport and physique in At the Fights. Over the last six years Schatz has entrenched himself in the world of boxing, photographing and interviewing the game’s biggest stars and newest players as well as managers, trainers, promoters, club fighters and many others. In 256 oversized pages, Schatz’s remarkably powerful images are paired with insightful commentary to provide a truly unique look into the sport. As promoter Lou DiBella tells Schatz, “Boxing is a sport in its purest, most basic form. No sport is more theatrical, dramatic or real.” At the Fights beautifully captures all of those aspects in a striking, deluxe package that includes introductory comments by HBO commentator Jim Lampley.

Howard Schatz’s award-winning photography has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, The Ring magazine, The New York Times Magazine and Vanity Fair. He is a well-known and regular ringside presence. At the Fights is his 19th book.
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