Blog #164   6/30/16


Silhouettes hark back to the 19th Century, when they were a popular
form of portraiture. It is seldom used today.

When I was commissioned to make an image for the SunTrust Bank to highlight the bank’s support of the arts, I was told that the bank wasn’t interested in featuring any particular art form or famous star. They wanted the announcement to demonstrate their connection with the arts in general.

In order to accomplish this I needed something graphic and symbolic.
How to solve this problem?

We (Beverly, mostly) assembled a team that consisted of four professional dancers and a clever stylist for clothes and carefully selected props. Utilizing energizing music, a well-lit white background in an otherwise dark studio, a focused camera on a tripod, and readiness to pop the strobes at just the right moment,  voilà: theater, music, dance and art.

Dancers: (left to right) Andrew Asnes (a lead dancer with Paul Taylor’s company), Eric Chan (a Broadway dancer; I had Eric jump out of his shoes!), Emily Rosenthal ( Emily graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Dance; for Emily we used a trampoline), and Carol Bentley (a Broadway dancer; I used a large piece of clear plexiglass, which disappeared in the backlight, for Carol to use as her “canvas.”
Stylist: Nikko Kefalas



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