BLOG #138   2/26/16


From:, Chapter “BEAUTY” PAGE 102.

Accidents, mistakes, slip-ups, spills:  At some point or another, these can and will happen. The good news is that on occasion they can contribute to making an image unique, special, and certainly surprising.

You just need to be prepared.

In May of 2007 in New York, we were doing a beauty shoot for the Italian magazine, Numero Beauté, using real meringue to surround the model, Rieko Yamanaka. When our very creative food stylist Nir Adar had the meringue in place, we were ready to make images. Just then our make-up artist, Ryuji  Nozaki of JGK, Inc., wanted to add “a little more red ” to her lips. In the process, she accidentally spilled some of the red liquid onto the meringue. Rather than start over, we went ahead, and an entirely unplanned image was made!

Hair: Mizu, Workgroup-LTD



We are so pleased to announce that Schatz Images: 25 Years is the
Winner of the 2015 International Photography Award for Book of the Year;
Winner of The Best Photobooks of the Year, American Photo, 2015; and the
Gold Medal, One Eyeland, first Place Award.

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