On Seeing, A Journal. #353
The Growing Up Years of Padraic Evanhouse-Reily
April 7, 2020

7 years and 25 years

I am interested in everything about human development, fascinated by maturation, growth, emotional, educational and physical development.

I have studied over 200 children from childhood into their 20’s some starting when they were newborns, as in this case with Padraic, and others when they were about six or seven, making annual studio portraits and asking them, once they learned to read and write, to write answers to a series of questions, a kind of diary about their lives, their feelings, their hopes, their regrets.

This exploration has been a major 30 year odyssey, an adventure that has yielded riches beyond my initial imagining.

Padraic Evenhouse-Reily started here:
His mom, a Professor of Economics, Mills College


5 Days old, held by Dad


1 year old


7 years old


9 years old


10 years old


12 years old


13 years old


14 years old


15 years old


17 years old


18 years old


25 years old



Rotate 90˚ counterclockwise


Padraic at 25 yrs and mom


Permission was signed by the parents of each and every child every year, and by the participants themselves once they turned 18. In addition, we have now sent copies of all of their writings and edited photographs to the participants for whom I have finished all my editing and have received full permission from that group to publish and post.
I am certain that every reader will make unique discoveries and original observations that growing up creates.
I’d love to hear what you “see.”