BLOG #118


Even in an image as straightforward as this one, it becomes clear that the human body is so fascinating that there really can’t be a simple photograph of it. As a subject, the body is a gift that just keeps on giving.

There are so many points of view and ways to explore the figure visually – which is why it has so long captivated painters, sculptors, and photographers. After so many centuries of artistic interest, it’s best to approach the subject with a combination of candor, courage and curiosity.

Before making this kind of photograph – namely asking a model to pose without clothing – it is necessary to establish trust and what the interest is. The relationship between photographer and model, by necessity, is one of honesty and respect. Seems like an obvious idea, but be careful! Do not shortcut this connection. Only when this sort of openness occurs and a bond is established, then one can fully explore.

The success of a “simple” nude photograph is for the photographer to seem almost not to be there, so the lighting has to be pristine and uncontrived (a contrivance that’s not always easy to disguise). The photographer must observe carefully but appear not to be looking at all.

It’s a delicate, fine line.