On Seeing, A Journal #425

Snow From Above, In Color

March 24, 2021


I had a dream: I imagined viewing from the sky large swaths of farmland covered thickly by a recent and significant snow graphically and artistically illustrated and enhanced by dark lines and curves created by fences, streams, roads, tracks, rows of trees, etc.

A few days of major snowfall on New York, February, 2021, I boarded a helicopter with the door on my side removed so that I could make photographs in an attempt to fulfill my aspiration.
 I initially imagined the images as black and white and posted those yesterday, March 23rd.
There is color in almost everything and I found a way to “suck” hue out of the images I made.
A small stream dividing farms
A farm
Farmland to the horizon
Winter’s deciduous forest
A view down the Hudson River, Southward, toward Manhattan
From The Mario Cuomo Bridge, just west of the Hudson River at Nyack

For those interested, these are just a few of the many highly-experienced and skilled photographers who make images from the sky, and who continually inspire:

Jeffrey Milstein
George Steinmetz
Bernhard Edmaier
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Dirk Dallas