On Seeing, A Journal. #366
May 22, 2020

With COVID-19 suddenly calling a halt to all new studio work (and just about everything else) I have had to look for new ways to satisfy my desire to continue to work creatively.

Hoping to unearth images I overlooked in years past, I have begun a focused adventure to search through my digital and film archives of photoshoots past.

Working at this every day I’ve found previously “passed-over” images that now serve as raw material for new creative exploration.

I have found a few bona fide gems that, with persistent creative effort on my part (sometimes many hours, even days) and a great deal of trial and error, are now images I feel ready share.

In this series, the original images came from of dozens of beauty shoots done for many different magazine editorials as well as personal investigation.

The new stay-at-home regime necessitated by the pandemic has given me time and creative space to rework earlier images and to create surprises.