On Seeing, A Journal. #396

September 11, 2020

Portraits of Actors


Slammed. Due to the The COVID-19 pandemic, photo shoots in our studio are not feasible. And so, I have been foraging through my archives in search of undiscovered treasures.

The idea that one’s initial “take” in an edit is the most valid is a mistake. The more one examines and studies any work, present or past, the more likely a once-unappreciated, or missed prize might well be discovered.

With recent digging, I’ve had a chance to discover what I feel are a few worthwhile images.

These portraits of actors, initially photographed over 10 years ago, were not created as “vanity” portraits but have been re-imagined from earlier work and now speak to my own vision and imagination.

Don Cheadle


F. Murray Abraham


Giancarlo Esposito


J.K. Simmons