On Seeing, A Journal.  #400

Portraits of Actors, Part II

September 29, 2020


Due to the The COVID-19 pandemic, photoshoots in our studio are not feasible. And so, I have been foraging through my archives in search of undiscovered treasures.

The idea that one’s initial “take” in an edit is the most valid is a mistake. The more one examines and studies any work, present or past, the more likely a once-unappreciated, or missed prize might well be discovered.

With recent digging, I’ve had a chance to discover what I feel are a few worthwhile images.

These portraits of actors, initially photographed over 10 years ago, were not created as “vanity” portraits but have been reimagined from earlier work and now speak to my own vision and imagination.

Sir Patrick Stewart


James Earl Jones


Richard Schiff


Dylan Baker