On Seeing, A Journal #533

Our newest book, “PAIRS”

July 11, 2023


We are thrilled to announce that our newest book, “PAIRS,” is being printed and will be published and available October 1st of this year.


It contains 406 pages (200 double page spreads) with 365 images.

Human Body, PAIRS. Holly Wilder and Elijah Dillehay


From the beginning of my professional career my main interest, my motivating force and passion, has been to explore and experiment, searching for imagery that would surprise and delight me in my quest to express what’s deep inside. One of many areas of my on-going interest has been the exploration of the relationship between two subjects: the visual, graphic, emotional, social, physical and even spiritual dynamic resonating and resulting from such combinations.

I’ve included a few  double page spreads from the book in this Journal.


Beauty Study 1480. Model, Gaby Baden


Left, Underwater Study 2894. Heather Magee and Ari Loeb. Right, Clowns,
Cirque du Soliel


Right, Underwater Study 3198. Dancers, Elysia Dawn and Amar Ramasar.
Left, Oscar de la Renta


I am in search of the electric, sometimes eccentric and always compelling connections possible with a combination of two whether dancers, athletes mothers and newborns, gymnasts, and even inanimate objects. Sometimes, they were brought together intentionally: I’ve found other images that speak to each other in ways I had not previously noticed. The connections are sometimes subtle, sometimes not.


“Grudge Match” On the Movie Set, with Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro


Left, Underwater Study 980. Model Shawnee Free Jones. Right, Underwater Study 2657. Model Nadia Kazakova


Left, Model Belinda Baidoo with newborn twins Elijah and Agnes
Right, Newborn Study Eli Turietta and newborn son, Nguyen

I’ve scoured for pairings of every sort. Not necessarily the Shakespearean form of heroic couplets, but couplets nevertheless. I have tried to look for both the unexpected and the unusual in my art. A photographic odyssey into the world of twos is a natural outgrowth of my ongoing search for surprise and delight. I continue to make new images in pursuit of this quest.


Left, Laugh Study 1290. Adam Tennant and son Clayton. Right, Laugh Study 1363. Model Ashley Dickey and her mother, Cindy Dickey. From the Models and Mothers project.


Left, Installation 130, Whitney Museum of American Art, Beauty Editorial for “Numéro Beauté.” Models Claudia and Dominique. Right, Installation 093. Art Institute of Chicago, NBN 1362. Dancers Lenna Parr and Brian Barkhurst


PAIRS will be available October 1, 2023.