BLOG #134   2/12/16



From time to time, I make a series of photos for the purpose of telling a story. These are not photo essays in the usual sense, but rather are products of my imagination, looking “real,” as photographs tend to do, but being more like single frames of a mini-movie.

With these pictures, I wanted to do a sort of a modern “fantasy” fashion story: “A MAN IN HIS CASTLE.”

The idea is that some wealthy, older man – let’s say a hedge fund billionaire – is lounging around his estate, before or after a formal event. With him is his latest arm-candy, a young mistress, beautiful, clearly available, and yet the man is so self-involved that he pays no attention to her.

My good friend, the talented writer Owen Edwards, at the time a columnist for GQ, agreed to “play” the gentleman, and the beautiful model, Patty Siegel, from Germany, played the mistress.

Although, in the first images, she is wearing something, she played the part nude for most of the other images made that day. I directed Owen NOT to look at her EVER during the shoot. This direction made the shoot great fun for everyone, especially for Patty.


Edwards told me later that when he and Patty chatted between shots, he managed to keep his eyes on her eyes. “I just about got a migraine from the strain,” he said.


Owen wrote an editorial note for GQ and it was published.



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