On Seeing, A Journal. #503

Portrait of a Model: Olivia Hamilton, NY Model Management

New Editorial for 71 Magazine.

November 22, 2022



Olivia Hamilton, NY Model Management


Earlier this year I came upon 71Magazine, an avant-garde online zine of culture, art and fashion.  I was very impressed with its world-class design.

The magazine was launched in late 2017 by three talented artists:  Erin O’Brien, Elisa Giordano and Mike Brannon. They have created original, compelling and beautiful work which includes music, art, style, design, fashion, photography and film.

Some of their covers:

Anyone interested in contemporary art and culture would do well to look at their work and subscribe to it.

I communicated with the magazine and proposed an editorial, “Portrait of a Model.” The idea was to create a simple portrait of a model without the costume of make-up, hair styling and fashion. And, then execute a true beauty shoot. I also proposed that I include an interview of the selected model.

A beautiful young woman, Olivia Hamilton was chosen from a casting of over 100 New York models.

Left: portrait from the casting.
Right: After make-up (J.Patrick) and hair (Damian Monzillo) artists and stylist (Stacey Cunningham) performed their magic…
This is a very shortened version of Olivia‘s interview:

“At 15, I was scouted. I was at the store with my mom. A lady came up and said she was with a modeling agency. They signed me immediately to Fusion, New York. My first job was in Tokyo.“There was a point when I was being measured and weighed once a week in my underwear. You must lose weight so you go to extreme measures. Your body is all that matters, and if that’s not good enough, then you are absolutely nothing.

“My real-life aspiration is writing. I write about my life and poetry. The whole reason I model is to be able to pay my way to get my degree. I’m studying Communications and Media online through CUNY.

“Modeling is having to be mold-able all the time. There’s a lot more to someone than their face.”

The writer, Owen Edwards, wrote an essay about the shoot.

Click here to read the editorial, Edwards’ essay and Olivia’s interview in full.

And, the last photograph in the editorial:

I asked the creatives at the magazine, “Why 71?”

“1971 was one of the most iconic periods for all Arts, from music to film to fashion and photography. 1971 brought ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ ‘Riders on the Storm,’ ‘Ain’t No Sunshine,’ Tumblin’ Dice,’ ‘The French Connection,’ ‘Clockwork Orange,’ Dirty Harry,’ ‘Klute’, ‘Carnal Knowledge’, ‘The Omega Man’ and Joni Mitchell’s astounding ‘Blue’.

“The past inspires the future. 71 is as much an experimental cinematic journey as a publication.  71 brings the ‘Arts Less Traveled’.”

Mike Brannon,  Strategist/Creative Director, 71 Magazine Media Group.  210/414.3695.  www.my71mag.com