On Seeing, A Journal. #360
May 1, 2020

I have worked continuously, trying to bring to life my vision of images of dance that describe and portray movement, which IS dance, vs pose, which is sculpture.

I’ve had the great privilege of casting (thanks to the invaluable efforts of Casting Director, Johanna Tacadena) and then working with a marvelous dancer Antonia Raye (from the CESD Talent Agency). I collaborated with the brilliant stylist Nikko Kefalas who understood my idea of repeating pattern within pattern. The wardrobe he suggested for the shoot was a major factor in this explosion of color and “movement” of geometric design. Truly, kinetic energy, motion, dance.

Every image we made was unlike the next—it was a session of continuous revelation and surprise.

I also asked Antonia about her passion in dance:

HS: Why dance?

AR: “I dance for joy. I remember seeing Debbie Allen for the first time; it looked like joy was flowing from every inch of her body. That inspired me to become a jazz dancer.”

HS: What do you think and feel when performing?

AR: “When I’m dancing in a musical I’m usually thinking about my character and how I can bring her to life. When I played Estella in West Side Story, I tried to find new ways of bringing real emotions to my character while executing the set choreography.”

HS: How can you reach further in your career?

AR: “By learning. From dancing on cruise ships to performing in musicals in big theaters just this last year, I realize that I have so much more to learn. I’m constantly at the gym, taking class, and trying to improve my vocals.”

HS showing AR an image, and suggesting an idea.