On Seeing, A Journal. #392

Growing Up: Michael and Danny Collins

Friday, August 28, 2020


On Tuesday, August 25, we posted “Michael Collins, Growing up.”
This Journal contains the images of Michael and his brother Danny, who is one year older and has Down’s Syndrome
Danny came along for each of Michael’s sessions.
Their mom generously gave me the gift of being able to make an image of them, together. Theirs is an unique, and beautiful brotherly relationship.
Danny, 10 years, Michael, 9 years
Danny, 11 years, Michael, 10 years
Danny, 12 years, Michael, 11 years
Danny, 13 years, Michael, 12 years
Michael, 13 years, Danny, 14 years
Michael, 14 years, Danny, 15 years
Danny, 16 years, Michael, 15 years
Michael, 16 years, Danny, 17 years
Michael, 17 years, Danny, 18 years
Danny, 19 years, Michael, 18 years
Danny, 22 years, Michael, 21 years
Danny, 24 years, Michael, 23 years