ON SEEING, A Journal #499

Fantastical Aspirations…Continued

October 25, 2022



When an artist puts brush to palette, composer takes up pen and paper, sculptor places chisel to stone, pre-visualized fictions that exist in their imaginations begin to emerge into the non-fiction world that can be shared with others.
The images in this project were generated from my imagination: they are creative or “artistic fictions.” Now that they exist in the world they’ve become nonfiction.

Dancers are the subjects of the first four images, with the first a portrait of Bill T. Jones. This is a video of an interview we did for my project, “ABOVE and BEYOND, Extraordinary Individuals of Our Time.”

The last image was created for an editorial for GQ Magazine, “A Man in His Castle.”

Installation, 100. Museum of Modern Art, NYC. Bill T. Jones, 003.


Installation, 132. Chelsea Gallery, NYC. NudeBodyNude, 1415. Deborah Crocker.


Installation, 070. Guggenheim, NYC. NudeBodyNude, 1430. Kristen Hollinsworth.


Installation, 245. Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC. Keith Roberts, 001.


Installation, 215. Madison Square Park, NYC.