On Seeing, A Journal #371
June 9, 2020


With COVID-19 calling a halt to all new studio work I have been searching my digital and film archives, frame by frame, hoping to discover “worthy” images initially overlooked. This comprehensive exploration of photoshoots past has unearthed treasures not previously appreciated for their potential.

Some “passed-over” images now serve as raw material for new creative inventions.  This stay-at-home regime necessitated by the pandemic has given me time and creative space to rework earlier images and to create something “new.”

In this series, the original images came from of dozens of beauty shoots done for many different magazine editorials as well as personal investigation. I included my first five “reinvented’ images a few weeks ago in the May 22nd issue of my biweekly journal “On Seeing”.

 This week’s issue includes five more.