On Seeing, A Journal. #411
Collectors: Images
December 1, 2020
There are a number fine art photography galleries in the United States and internationally that represent and sell my fine art photographs.

The galleries are supportive of my work and we in turn are supportive of these galleries.  When we receive a call or email inquiring about purchase of a photograph we typically refer the inquiry to one of these galleries.

This week a major art collector in Vienna, Austria inquired about the purchase of a four of my underwater photographs. After the decision was finalized these images were archivally printed, numbered and signed and sent to the gallery to deliver to the collector.


Underwater Study #1612, 1998. #16/24 Print size 40 x 51.6

Underwater Study #2826, 2005 #3/8 Print size 40 x 50.5

Underwater Study #2822, 2005. #1/8 Print size  44.81 x 40

Underwater Study #3024, 2006. #5/8 Print size 48.36 x 40