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Caught In The Act: Actors Acting

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"This is a book to be savored slowly. The photos, the words, the sheer joy and fascination in seeing these professionals at work are an experience not to be missed."

- Bookpleasures.com

"Known for both his editorial and fine art work, as well as his photographic explorations of the human body, underwater imagery, and subcultures like boxing, New York-based photographer Howard Schatz has just put out his twentieth book. Titled Caught in the Act: Actors Acting the book explores the magic and hard work behind the creative process via the expressive faces of 85 actors"

- Gotham Magazine

"The photos feel alive, as if they are the magical sort in the Harry Potter universe, and will start talking to us."

- New Jersey Star Ledger

"A frank and richly detailed improv class revealing, with no cosmetic help from stylists or photoshop, each of these performers’ vast range of skills—just by changes in facial expression and a little body language—as they respond to Schatz’s cues from behind the camera. Caught in the Act is a rare book that could simultaneously serve as text for actors, directors and photographers."

- Rangefinder Magazine


- Elle Magazine

We have long been fascinated by actors, by men and women who can call upon the alchemy that brings to life people who exist only as words on a page.

How do actors become actors, and why? What inspires and motivates them, and what does it take to do what they do? 

Through formal portraits and interviews, we searched for the secrets of 85 of these talented shape-shifters, looking for both visual and personal truths. And by suggesting to them situations and characters, in the time-honored exercise of improvisation, we provided the catalysts for the creation of a wonderful cast of instantly invented people.

In the process, we were constantly surprised, delighted, and richly entertained, lucky to be witnesses to fantasy and transformation.

With Caught in the Act: Actors Acting, his 20th book, acclaimed photographer Howard Schatz explores the magical transformation that happens when an actor takes hold of words on a page and becomes another person.

Schatz demonstrates his mastery as a director, leading 85 actors to explore an enormous range of scenarios in
one-on-one improvisation, capturing the dynamic energy of the actors in full creative flight. 

In addition, Schatz made powerful and compelling portraits of each actor along with an extensive interview, focusing on the creative process. Schatz gives us a unique window into the world of stage and screen.

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