Blog #236  12/19/17

Howard Schatz has been selected to receive the prestigious, annual FOTOmentor Award for 2018 in honor of his lifetime achievements in photography. His work will be exhibited at the Palm Beach Photographic Center; the opening reception is January 23, 2018.

My grateful thanks to the Palm Beach Photographic Center,
its President and CEO Fatima NeJame and
FOTOfusion Director Jim Colton for this singular honor.

FOTOfusion has asked that we exhibit my work for display in their galleries.

Since the main gallery space has five sections, it provided the
opportunity to exhibit the photographic fruit from five different projects,

These are the beauty and fashion photographs which will occupy
one of the sections of the gallery spaces.

This is the gallery layout planned for the section on Beauty and Fashion,
providing space for 13 photographs.

This is the “Map” for the installation staff:

Text accompanying the exhibition:


Joining forces with talented makeup artists, hairstylists and models, we create images that are sometimes far from the “typical” idea of beauty. Since making a beautiful face beautiful is not very difficult, I work to make images that surprise…as well as being beautiful.


I am in awe of the tremendous creativity and phenomenal craftsmanship that are essential ingredients (among many others) in the world of fashion. Also, I find the great fashion editorials so tremendously original and inventive that they often take my breath away. And I love the collaborative process that is necessary to produce great fashion images. The models are fun, too. One can imagine something unlikely, outrageous, peculiar and impossible and then work hard to bring something beautiful, compelling and thrilling to life. This idea has informed my explorations in fashion.


The 13 images we chose for “BEAUTY and FASHION.”

There was gallery wall space sufficient for 13 photographs.
We needed to edit out (omit) photographs we would have liked to include.
These nine are among the “rejects.”

Would you agree with our selections?