ON SEEING, A Journal #364
A Tap Dancer, Felipe Galganni

May 15, 2020

Felipe Galganni came the studio full of energy and joy.
His photographs vividly demonstrate his skill, and the physical expressiveness telegraphs his passion for his art form.

Every frame is full of the fun we had making the images.

I asked him, “Why tap dance?”
“Because I can be a musician and a dancer at the same time.”

HS: What do you feel, emotionally and physically when tap dancing?

FG: “Tap dance can express many emotions and can also be very physically challenging. My deepest connection with tap is when I dance to Bossa nova. When I dance to Jobim tunes.. it makes me feel so in piece with myself, brings me so much joy…reminds me why I am a dancer.”

HS:  What is the highest high you’ve experience with tap dancing?

FG:  “I did eight shows in January with the amazing world-class Brazilian bassist Nilson Matta at Dizzy’s (Jazz at Lincoln Center) and I absolutely had a blast. Playing my taps with him as part of his quintet was an honor, I had a great time performing. I love dancing to Brazilian music, especially when it’s played live and by high caliber musicians. That’s where I can just relax and be my true self.”

And,  just for a treat, click below to experience the sound of his work.