On Seeing, A Journal. #356
April 17, 2020

Creativity often reaches the unusual and even the fantastic when it is not planned objectively or rationally. Yes, one needs a concept and the technical savvy necessary to explore. However, in my experience, leaving oneself open to mistakes, to the unplanned, illogical and irrational can sometimes result in unforseen gifts bequeathed by the creative gods.

A second ingredient, at least in a photography studio setting, is that it is imperative to pay attention and focus intensely and openly in order respond to “things that happen.”

I was working on a beauty study using meringue (egg whites and sugar) around each model as a design element. The make-up artist (LB) finished her work and brought the model to the shooting area.

We constructed a frame into which we placed the model; it was designed to hold the “bed” of meringue prepared by our food stylist (Nir Adar).

The model stepped into a rubber “diaphragm” which functioned to hold the near-liquid meringue.

Firm plastic sheets were placed around the model and over the diaphragm.


Meringue was placed, “artistically.”


Ready to photograph, the make-up artist exhibited something I’ve seen 100’s of times before: she just could not stop; she just had to do, as she said, “one more small thing,” as did the hair stylist (WI).

There was no stopping them. Had I said, “Enough.” They’d have kept going anyway with the mantra that it is never enough. The make-up artist reached over the set and began to apply additional red liquid to the model’s lips.


Oooops! she spilled some on the meringue.

The food stylist was about to move in to “fix it,” and I, watching this the whole time, said “STOP! Wait. This is a gift.”