BLOG #104


Nothing is quite as freeing as working with dancers. I feel I can try anything. With their incredible physical abilities and distinct motor memory, dancers take direction readily and accurately. And willingly.

One of the many great dancers with whom I’ve worked is Lenna Parr. She would try anything, and usually with a joyful giggle and enthusiasm that energized my studio and all the images we made.

In this image she jumped up on a trampoline holding a light wand in each hand.  I told her I wanted her to fill the black space all around her with the lights. As she so wonderfully demonstrates: what one does with one arm one can simultaneously duplicate with the other, in a mirror image.

Try it in a mirror sometime.  Or, try writing your name with your dominant hand while writing your name backwards with the other.  It works! But if you want to try this on a trampoline, it’s best to be a dancer.